Healthy Eateries in Tri-Cities

Healthy Eateries in Tri-Cities

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So now you’re in the know about all things work out related in Tri-Cities, but for most, New Years resolutions involving health include goals about nutrition too! Luckily, Tri-Cities is home to some great eateries that offer delicious, nutritious options. Whether you’re looking for a smoothie, snack, or meal, this blog will show you all the healthy hidden gems in the Tri-Cities area!

Pay a Visit to a Juicery Near You!

Cold pressed juice is an awesome choice for a snack or light meal when you’re trying to make better choices! Packed with fresh fruits and veggies, you know you’re filling your body with things that are good for it!

Squish Juicery

Would you like to meet your nutrition goals while trying out a new business in Tri-Cities? If so, then make your way to Squish Juicery! Squish Juicery just opened last month, and is already gaining popularity among PoCo’s health nuts! Whether you’re all about the greens, looking for a yummy plant based milk, or craving a more filling smoothie bowl, Squish has got you covered! Head down to their shop on Lougheed Highway to give them a try! You will not regret it!

Nature Pressed Juicery

Are you just beginning your journey to becoming more health-oriented? NPJ is for you! They even have a registered dietician to help assess which juice is best for which client, supporting their belief that everyone’s body works differently. Whether you’d like to visit Nature Pressed Juicery in hopes to start a juice cleanse, or you just want to try one bottle, the friendly staff will be sure to help you with all things nutrition! Their juices are packed with nutrients and taste great, too!

Healthy Cafes in the Tri-Cities area

There’s nothing better than finding a go-to spot you can visit on your lunch break you know has healthy options! Not only that, but healthy options you actually want to eat! Tri-Cities is home to some amazing cafes that offer up delicious food while keeping you on the fast track to a healthier life!

The Green Moustache Cafe

The Green Moustache Cafe, located on Newport Drive, offers food that is 100% Organic, made with fresh and local ingredients, and not to mention pretty darn tasty too! They have a huge menu, so you’d be hard pressed to leave without seeing something that catches your eye. From their unique and filling salads, to their warming soups and buddha bowls, you can’t go wrong with any choice here! Tip: Stop by the Green Moustache before work, and try their delicious and nutritious breakfast options to start out your day right!

NuLife Living Food Cafe

A common health goal that often comes with the start of a New Year is to cut back on sugar. If this sounds familiar, NuLife Living Food Cafe is a great choice to stop in for lunch! They don’t use any refined sugars, only natural sweeteners, such as honey or agave. Living Food Cafe also strives to use fresh, local ingredients and Organic foods whenever possible. They offer a huge selection of healthy dishes, such as hearty mains, sandwiches, smoothie bowls, salads, and much more! Tip: If you try and love the food at Living Food Cafe, they even offer meal plans! Eating healthy just got much easier and much tastier! Head down to Glen Drive in Coquitlam for a taste today!

Warehouse Cafe

Organic is the theme of the day, and for good reason! Warehouse Cafe is another great option for small bites that are healthy, delicious, and full of fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Whether you’re going in for just a coffee (freshly roasted on site!), a baked good made with healthier ingredients, or one of their delicious lunch options, you’ll definitely find something that pleases your taste buds at Warehouse Cafe. Located on Dominion Avenue in Port Coquitlam, this homey cafe is sure to become one of your new favourites.

Restaurants for a More Filling Meal

Dining out can be a tough roadblock when you’re trying to meet nutrition and fitness goals, but treating yourself to a dinner out does not have to mean blowing your diet! Try these restaurants in Tri-Cities for flavourful, health conscious dishes that are the furthest thing from bland diet food!

Original’s Cafe Mexicano

Of course, Mexican food isn’t always healthy, but it’s an ethnic cuisine with a ton of potential to make nutritious choices! For some truly tasty Mexican food, give Original’s Cafe Mexicano a try! Many of their dishes are packed with fresh or cooked veggies and lean protein! For example, as a starter, give their Feature Ceviche a try. Made with plenty of fresh seafood and vegetables cured with lime, it’s a dish with a plethora of nutrients! For your main, try the Fajitas de pollo, a dish packed with flavour, a lot of veggies and mouthwatering chicken (optimize this healthy choice by going easy on the toppings). Original’s Cafe Mexicano also offers a yummy selection of fresh salads and soups, packed with exotic flavour and spice! Head to 1-2231 Clarke Street in Port Moody for a fun and food-filled Mexican fiesta!

Izba Bistro

Izba Bistro, located on Lougheed Highway, is another restaurant with some awesome healthy options you can feel good about ordering! This yummy restaurant is open from dawn until dusk, so whether you’re ordering breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there’s a smart option for every meal! Focusing on fresh ingredients with a Polish flare, Izba staff are always eager to satisfy their guests. From their wide variety of salads, to their “lighter options,” such as ratatouille on portobello mushrooms, Izba’s cooking team will satisfy your cravings without ruining your diet! Grab your friends and family for a meal that will leave everyone full and happy!

Making healthy choices and striving to meet nutrition goals does not have to mean boring, bland food! Whether you prefer a quick stop at a cafe, a juice or smoothie to grab on the go, or you want to settle in for a sit down meal, there’s tons of options in Tri-Cities for an inspired healthy meal that leaves you excited. 

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