SPRING Into a New Closet

SPRING Into a New Closet

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Hello and happy first week of June to all my beauty queens! This week on Experience Tri-Cities we will be featuring the TOP Spring/Summer trends of 2019. This is the year to explore your colours and to diversify your closet with crazy, trending pieces. From head to toe let’s dive in!


With over 50 shades of beige pieces being featured at the September 2018 Burberry debut collection for Italian designer Riccardo Tisci, the colour was set to dominate the fashion scene for Spring 2019. As described by NHJ Style in their recent blog post “beige is not a colour, but instead , a neutral”. Brands like Chanel and Chloé have been incorporating various shades of cosmetic blush tones for a soft neutral look on the runways. According to British Vogue, the key for this season is to stand out from the sea of clashing prints and bold colours with subtle tones of beige.


Summer 2019 continues to celebrate the warm, rusty reds of last Summer. The GNT Group describes it as the colour of Generation Z where it will “channel the positivity of sunshine shades to sprinkles cheerfulness”.  Fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Versace have been featuring various shades of orange and wine colours on their runways. Satin dresses and jackets graced by sunshine shades make quite the impactful look.


We’ve heard of short shorts and booty shorts, but 2019 is the first year where biker shorts are the trend of the season! Athleisure takes on street style with these unusual yet comfortable shorts. Popularized by reality star Kim Kardashian, bike shorts are often worn with an oversized blazer to add a chic touch. This look will put a spin to Sunday brunch dates with your girls!


Bring back the 90’s! Bucket hats should be included in your closet as a must-have item for the 18/19 SS season. From patterned to logos, these brimmed hats add an edge to any outfit. Sport them with dresses, oversized suits, or even overalls. According to The Zoe Report, “the bucket hate trend is on every influencer’s radar this season”. Unleash your inner fashionista and experiment with the bucket hat trend!  


Yes, you read that correctly. Another 90’s look is making a comeback in 2019! As of last year, these slim and tiny frames have been rapidly gaining followers who essentially incorporate this look into their daily wardrobe—from casual to classy outfits. Yet again, this trend was brought back by none other than Kim Kardashian. Top models such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner quickly followed as well as Kristen Stewart. Why were they popularized in the first place anyways? According to Dr. Vanessa Brown, “when things have reached an extreme aesthetically, they’ll swing the opposite direction”. Which explains why we went from bug-eyed frames in early 2017 to small, slim glasses in late 2018. Though these small frames don’t add much protection from the sun, they’re sure high-fashion enough to be worth the hype. 


From Gucci to Louis Vuitton, to Chanel and Hermès, we’ve seen it all! The smallest bags are the latest “It” bags. Shrunken bags are defined by The Trend Spotter as bags that can “fit no more than a phone and a lipstick”. On board the minimalist style, this trend is the epitome of the ‘less is more’ ideal. According to Andrea Chen of CR Fashion Book, “there’s a degree of infantilization associated with a tiny bag. It’s cute, adorable … and the wearer also feels cute and adorable”. Though it could be impractical for many, it certainly forces you to choose your belongings wisely.

Whatever the trends may be this for season, the best outfits are the ones that are worn with confidence!

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