How Canadian are YOU?

How Canadian are YOU?


It’s time to celebrate 152 years of Canada, the true North strong and free. Let’s see how Canadian you are by testing your knowledge of our homeland with weird yet interesting facts!

1: Canada is on Mars

Well sort of. A crater on Mars was named after Gander, a town in Newfoundland in honour of its’ efforts in space research.

2: The Land of Ice

To many foreigners, Canada may seem like a vast land of ice, and they’re partially right. The average low for the month of January is -14.4 C in Ottawa. However, a record-breaking temperature of -63 C was recorded back in 1947, Snag Yukon. This serves as another great reminder to not lick the metal poles!

3: Hawaiian Pizza

Yes, the debate of the century. Do pineapples belong on pizzas? Well, according to Ontarians, they most definitely do! Hawaiian pizzas were not made in Hawaii but right here in the heart of our homeland, Ontario.

4: Animal-Friendly Overpasses 

Known as the kindest nation on Earth, Alberta’s Banff National Park built overpasses with trees and grass. These overpasses were constructed over highways to ensure the safety of the wildlife in the area.

5: Last Name

The most common last name in Canada is actually “Li”.

6: O Canada

They official phone number for Canada is 1-800-O-Canada. Yes, it is indeed very patriotic.

7: The Great Wall

Can Donald Trump’s wall beat the walls of Quebec City? It is the only city north of Mexico that still has fortified walls.

8: Beer Culture

We all live for that beer belly. Did you know that Canadians drink more that 22, 700, 000 hectolitres of beer for a year?


Canadians are known to be apologetic (and for holding doors). Undoubtedly this can lead to complicated situations in court as it suggests guilt. In 2009, an Apology Act was passed to make apologies inadmissible in court.

Let us know in the comments below which fact was the most interesting!

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