TOP 10 Desserts Across Tri-Cities

TOP 10 Desserts Across Tri-Cities

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Location: Coquitlam

1. Juillet Café

IG Photo Creds: @charlotteangkriwan

If you’ve ever visited Juillet Café, then you might know if it’s spa service! Yes, this spot is part of a bigger plaza which consists of a spa, a clothing boutique, and an aromatherapy shop. It’s a first of its kind! With so many shops at this plaza you would expect the café to be relatively small and cramped. Contrary to popular belief, Juillet Café is quite spacious with sizeable tables. In addition to the traditional coffee drinks, this café also brews less common coffees such as the Spanish Coffee. Additionally, they have a variety of specialty cakes such as the Matcha Sweet Potato Cake!

Address: 4341 North Road

2. Choco Coo Café

IG Photo Creds: mzlwong

Choco Coo Café is currently one of the hottest spots for Belgium chocolates and French desserts in the Greater Vancouver area! With a variety of mouth-watering cakes and specialty teas and hot chocolates, your sweet tooth is  guaranteed to be satisfied.

Address: 501 North Road

3. Coffee + Vanilla

IG Photo Creds: @hey_abbyz

This little gem is located on Austin Ave has some of the most beautifully roasted coffee along with fresh, house made desserts. Don’t let the dated exterior fool you, the café upholds a fresh and modern aesthetic on the inside with large seating areas and comfortable seats. The prices are on the lower end with croissants being $2.95 and a great cup of cappuccino for only $3! With parking areas available in both the front and back of the café, your journey will surely be convenient.

Address: 1054 Austin Ave Unit C

Location: Port Moody

4. Miracle Belgian Waffle

IG Photo Creds: @foodhavenabel

This small shop by Glen Dr makes the perfect late-night snack for those sweet cravings. The waffles are soft on the inside but nice and crunchy on the outside. Compared to other waffle places, this place is known to have quick service with friendly staff. In addition to their famous waffles, they also serve bingsoo—Korean shaved ice topped with a variety of fruits. The shop opens until midnight so you have lots of time to digest your dinner before you head over for some desserts!

Address: 2950 Glen Dr

5. Black Sugar Coffee House

IG Photo Creds: @black_sugar_2500

This vegan-friendly restaurant is a first of its kind with kid-friendly play station for toddlers and children. Adults can catch up over a nice cup of coffee while their kids wander and play about in this area of the café. As it is a family friendly café, do expect it to be quite busy, especially on the weekends. The staff is super friendly and they seem to know many of the customers already, which reinforces the feeling of a neighbourhood café.

Address: 2500 Saint Johns Street

6. Gabi & Jules

IG Photo Creds: @melaniekatcher

This is garage-turned café is one of the most modernized cafes amongst a nice heritage street in Port Moody. Their reasonable prices and lovely tea and coffee makes this the perfect spot to enjoy a nice breakfast with friends and family. If you do drop by, definitely give their pies a try as they are known for their crispy texture and flavourful fillings. 

Address: 2302B Clarke St

Location: Port Coquitlam

7. Cup Full Dessert Café

IG Photo Creds: @oliviaanguyen

Craving some nice, cold shaved ice on a hot Summer day? Cup Full dessert is located conveniently in the food court on the second floor of Henderson Place. This friendly shop not only offers coffee and Korean shaved ice, it also serves Soft Peaks ice-cream along with a small selection of desserts—such as their red velvet cheesecake. You can order a regular sized cup of shaved ice for just under $6 instead of the regular monster sized bowls for $10. Show some support for your local creameries and drop by for a nice fix of cool desserts!

Address:  1163 Pinetree Way #2079

8. Sulbing Café

IG Photo Creds: @euginaeats @ricebowliii

Continuing on with the Korean shaved ice craze, Sulbing Café offers super fine and soft shaved ice with a variety of toppings. Popular flavours include Mango Cheesecake, Green Tea Chocolate, and Injeolmi (Korean rice cake). Additionally, they offer a variety of small snack such as Japanese Taiyaki (fish cakes filled with red bean paste). As their portions are quite large, it’s the perfect spot to grab a sweet bite with your friends. With a spacious seating area, this café is welcomes large groups of friends!

Address: 4501 North Rd #202A

9. Black Milk Water

IG Photo Creds: @kwokeemonster

Black Milk Water is known for their unique shaved ice—almost like cut up pasta at first glance. Ice is very cold but immediately melts in your mouth. Many visitors describe it as tasting “exactly like milk tea”. With their high ceilings and metal tables, the café has a fancy and hipster vibe. Their significant portions cost around $13 to $14 per bowl of shaved ice. This is serves as the best hangout spot to study or to chat with your friends!

Address: 4501 North Rd #101A

10. Café Bono

IG Photo Creds: @pigs_dream03

Café Bono is known to have great Spanish lattes with a very well-decorated space and beautiful aesthetics. In addition, they also serve Korean shaved ice and a variety of unique drinks such as their sweet potato latte. For healthier options, patrons can also choose to opt for a fruit smoothie or less-healthy but refreshing fruit-flavoured soda. 

Let us know in the comments below which ones are your favourite!

Address: 420-329 North Rd

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