Santa is coming to town!

Santa is coming to town!

Family Travel

Santa Claus must travel 218 million miles on Christmas Eve, which means he must travel 1,280 miles per second to reach everyone. Researchers calculate that if Santa is to reach every child on Christmas Eve, he has only a millisecond to go down each chimney, eat cookies, and distribute presents

Santa would need to visit 2 billion children on Christmas Eve, but thanks to different time zones and the rotation of the Earth, he would have 32 hours to work with.

Assuming each household in the whole world leaves out two chocolate chip cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, he would eat 374 billion calories, 33,000 tons of sugar, and 151,000 tons of fat in one night. If Santa could run an eight-minute mile, he would have to run for 109 centuries (109,000 years) to burn off all those treats

If all 2 billion children Santa visits left a class of milk (8 oz) for him, Santa would need to drink 4 million gallons of milk every hour, or about 137 million gallons of milk overnight. A human stomach can hold about 2–4 liters of liquid.

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