SELF LOVE – Who’s got time for that?

SELF LOVE – Who’s got time for that?

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Crystal Jensen from Mindful Expressions & I have joined forces to bring you a moderated 6 week online program designed to fit the needs of conscious expansion through the love of self.

Through a culmination of our experience, expertise and sass within the field of mindful self love, self care and conscious living, you’ll walk away having learned the benefits of emotional identification, mindful practices, conscious self parenting and what the heck self love actually means.

Included in this 6 week online program are weekly online meetings, facebook support group, guided meditations, tips & tricks to better your mindset (aka fun homework), as well as the opportunity to ask those random questions, share those stories, support each other and become more intuitively connected to your mind and body.


Fridays 10:00 am-11:30 am
January 10, 12, 24, 31, February 7, 14

Meetings will be online via Zoom please click the link to download prior to January 10th 2020.

Once registered we will send you a meeting invitation via email.


*Limited spots available, please contact us directly for more information
COST: $111 payable via etransfer to

How do you know if this Growth Advancement Circle is for you?

  • Beginner or intermediate mindful practices
  • Want to know yourself better
  • Practical tools for everyday mindful living
  • Understanding social & emotional experiences
  • Collective support system through life experiences

Self parenting

Lea Morrison  Sentient Healing

Lea is an accomplished facilitator of the healing arts with a strong reputation for her quirky yet compassionate demeanour during classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions.

No stranger to the depths of what trauma can do to the physical body, Lea climbed out of the grip of a mental and chronic illness and threw herself into understanding the mind, body, spirit connection on a holistic level where her love of teaching Individual Emotional Resiliency started to grow.

She is now a healer, coach, teacher, and speaker who is well respected not only within the holistic community, but by the education system and within political forums as well.

With a deep focus on healing the effects that illness, trauma, abuse and addiction has within the energetic body; her work teaches you that your story is not your limitation.

Whether you are working through chronic pain, disease or dis-ease such as depression, anxiety, thought patterns or belief systems that prevent you from reaching that level of peace within your mind, she will work alongside you to provide every day tools to take back what was lost or missing so that you find more compassion for yourself.


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