Best Trails in the Tri-Cities Area

Best Trails in the Tri-Cities Area

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Another weekend is nearly upon us, Tri-Cities, and what could be more exciting than seeing sunny weather on the forecast?! When you’re a resident of the Lower Mainland, you know a sunny winter weekend cannot be wasted! In our humble opinion, the best way to appreciate this gift is to get outside for a walk or hike! Keep reading for the best walking, hiking and biking trails in the area! 

Traboulay PoCo Trail

Photo courtesy of @ashleyheron_ via Instagram.

For a trail that covers a huge combination of terrain, runs through your local community, and showcases the biggest variety of views, you cannot go wrong with Traboulay Trail in Port Coquitlam. The trail’s mostly flat terrain is a perfect choice for when you want to cycle and run a longer distance on a leisurely Weekend morning. Bonus: you certainly won’t get bored of the scenery along the way! Your eyes will be dazzled by the farmland and mountains you’ll catch running through the Deboville Slough and along the north Pitt River. Nor will they droop as you fly by the majestic trees along Hyde Creek and Coquitlam River. There’s many ways to tackle this trail, so why not do it this weekend and tag us in a photo of it?

Bert Flinn Trails

Photo courtesy of @chronic.cuddles via Instagram.

If unbothered nature is what makes you happy, the trails in Bert Flinn Park are an excellent choice for a run, walk, or a ride on your mountain bike this weekend! Largely unspoiled, undeveloped forest and trails, Bert Flinn Park is a great way to reconnect with nature. Bonus: if your pup loves being off leash, there are sections of the park that allow dogs to roam free! Lace up your sneakers and give it a try this weekend!

Mundy Park Trail

Photo courtesy of @k_a_h_a_k via Instagram.

If you’re looking for an easy route to do with a group, perhaps including children or senior hikers, Mundy Park Trail is a great option! The 4.3 km loop around Mundy Park has limited elevation and is accessible all year round! Additionally, there are opportunities to meander onto other little trails for viewing the gorgeous Mundy and Lost Lakes. Dogs are also welcome, so this is a great little hike for a family weekend!

Diez Vistas Trail – Buntzen Lake

For a more difficult trail that will get your blood pumping, try Diez Vistas Trail at Buntzen Lake! With more than a couple sections that offer steep elevation, you will definitely get in your leg workout! However, your hard work will definitely pay off with all the beautiful views along the way. Tip: leave yourself 5-6 hours to complete this hike, as you’ll want to beat the sun setting! Additionally, the Buntzen Lake gate closes at 4:30.

Old Orchard Park/ Rocky Point Inlet


Looking for the ultimate leisurely weekend walk with kids, dogs, the whole shebang? We suggest the walk from Old Orchard Park to Rocky Point Inlet, or vice versa! Due to it’s flatness, it’s quite an easy walk, with beautiful views of the water and optimal places to stop for a picnic or a snack! You can’t beat this scenic stroll on a sunny day. Tip: We recommend finishing your walk at Rocky Point, where the delicious Rocky Point Ice Cream shop awaits as a reward!

So now you have all the information to set out for a lovely weekend walk! Whether you want to sweat it out with a difficult hike, or simply enjoy nature with friends and family, there’s something in Tri-Cities for you! For more terrific trails in the Lower Mainland, check out this link!

Where’s your favourite place to walk? Let us know in the comments!


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