Businesses in Tri-Cities Focusing on Wellness

Businesses in Tri-Cities Focusing on Wellness

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The road to bettering oneself and the journey to mental, physical and spiritual wellness can be a tough one to navigate! Often times, we know we are feeling stressed or anxious and want to deal with it, but we don’t know where to begin! That’s okay, wanting to take the steps to better oneself is an amazing place to start! Keep reading for our list of businesses and companies in Tri-Cities focusing on helping to achieve wellness!

Yoga Studios

The beautiful thing about yoga is, it benefits not only your physical body, but also your mental wellness and spiritual wholeness. How many activities do you know of that assist your physical health, while healing your mind, and giving you inner peace, all in under 90 minutes? Whether you’re working on your flexibility, connecting your breaths to your movement, or working on healing the anxieties of your every day life; yoga is an excellent practice to get into for overall wellness. Listed below are some amazing studios in the area, each unique in what they offer:

Port Moody:


Port Coquitlam: 

Businesses and Companies:

Tracy Marshall Healing

Tracy Marshall is originally from Ireland, but came to Canada to help others on their life paths and activate their own healing abilities within them. Marshall focuses on Reiki healing. Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy.” Its healing method involves permeating a given persons energy field and helping them to naturally encourage the body to heal blockages. Tracy Marshall healing offers many services to help you on your journey to wellness. For example, you can book a one on one coaching session with healing, a Reiki session, and Indian Head Massage, and more! To learn more about the powers of Reiki and it’s healing powers, click here to visit Marshall’s website and start your healing journey.

White Lotus Divine Healing

White Lotus Divine Healing’s motto is “connect love heal” so you know they are serious about your overall wellness. This wonderful wellness company sells unique products offered, such as essential oils, crystals and locally made art and jewelry. Also, they offer a set of wonderful healing services, such as meditation, massages, all the way to hypnotherapy. Each month, White Lotus hosts events that focus around wellness, for example, their weekly Mindfulness Gathering. 

Check out their Instagram for a gallery of their products, events, and inspirational quotes that will brighten your day. 

Cloud 9 float spa

Another business in the Tri-Cities area that promotes wellness is Cloud 9 float spa in Port Coquitlam. Did you read this and say to yourself, “wait, what is floating?” No problem! The act of floating is a practice used by any person seeking “personal development, physical recovery, and psychological and physiological development.” How does it work? In order to receive those amazing benefits, one spends a period of time (usually 45 minutes to an hour), in a sensory deprivation tank. A sensory deprivation tank is sound proof, dark, and filled with a foot or less of salt water. The combination of which cuts off external stimuli. Those who participate in floating have said that the stresses of every day life seem to drift away, which allows time for reflection and healing. The results are relaxation, better sleep, alleviated anxiety and stress, and decrease in chronic pain. 

Does any of this sound intriguing to you? If so, check out their website here to see what it’s all about. 

Lea Morrison Sentient Healing

Lea Morrison of Sentient Healing offers the complete wellness package. Not only does she record soothing and helpful meditation podcasts (Check out her free tree grounding meditation here). She also offers one on one coaching to assist people on their journeys to wellness. Her website, sentient healing, brims with testimonials of both women and men who Lea has helped out of difficult and dark times in their lives. Lea also offers corporate workshops that include “mindful connections,” “negative self talk,” and “emotional resiliency” to name only a few! Check out Lea’s full website for a comprehensive understanding of the positivity she can bring to your life, and her instagram for a gallery of photos.

Intuitive Wellness Collective

The ultimate wellness company! Intuitive Wellness Collective is a collection of businesses and professionals all with the same goal… Helping you on your journey to health in every sense of the word: mental wellness, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, and more. Coaches to help you with meditation, healing workshops, even interactive hypnosis. Whatever you are feeling, there will be something there to help you. Focusing on alternative, holistic and spiritual ways for one to heal, Intuitive Wellness Collective strives to help people find peace. Check out their website here to learn more, and their Instagram here for a look at what they do. 

So there you have it Tri-Cities! Striving to create wellness in your life is an immensely worthy goal, and hard work in this area certainly pays off. The Tri-Cities area is home to many amazing companies, businesses and professionals to help you on this journey. Be kind to yourself, friends.

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