Experience Tri-Cities Business Feature: Kushala Yoga

Experience Tri-Cities Business Feature: Kushala Yoga

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As we all know, exercise is an important contributing factor to over all health. There’s nothing better than finding a type of exercise you look forward to doing, and for many, that’s yoga! Yoga is a wonderful practice to get into. It not only aids in physical health, but also contributes to mental and spiritual wellness as well! Without further ado, we bring you Kushala Yoga! Kushala Yoga is a studio in Port Moody located in Suterbook Village, eager to help you on your journey to taking charge of your health.

The History

Kushala opened its doors around thirteen years ago in the Winter of 2006. Ever since, the instructors and owners have been guiding people on their path to spiritual, physical and mental wellness through Yoga practices. The studio’s owners, Chris and Karen, both left high pressured jobs in Technology and Business to run Kushala Yoga. Both found the practice of yoga to be a powerful tool in self discovery and finding wellness. Thus, they encourage both experienced yogis and newcomers to share in their community and empower their own lives in the same way.

What it’s all About:

Kushala offers a variety of classes suitable for both experienced practicers of yoga, and those who have never set foot in a studio! The owners and instructors take your needs seriously, and offer holistic services and classes for each member’s unique set of needs. Their classes include flow, therapeutic, wiser (45+), Pilates and Yoga fusion, and many more! The studio also hosts unique events, such as Sacred Gut Heeling, and even a partner yoga class on Valentine’s Day.

For your first month of yoga at Kushala, they offer an intro month price of unlimited yoga classes for $49. This is the perfect opportunity to test the waters and see if yoga is for you, without breaking the bank (but trust us – yoga has a strangely addictive quality and you will definitely go back when your month is up!).

Are you intrigued, Tri-Cities?! For more information on classes, scheduling, and what Kushala is all about, click here for their website. For a gallery of photos and inspirational quotes, click here for their instagram. To check out their intro month pass, click here. Chris and Karen of Kushala run a wonderful studio, and welcome all into their sunny, warm community. Have a great day Tri-Cities! Namaste.

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