Experience Tri-Cities Business Feature: Nulife Living Food Cafe

Experience Tri-Cities Business Feature: Nulife Living Food Cafe

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These days, finding food establishments that serve delicious food without compromising on health is becoming a big trend. For good reason! Overall health is important, but why should we have to miss out on eating the foods we love? Enter, Nulife Living Food Cafe! Located on Glen Drive in Coquitlam, Nulife is a healthy hidden gem to add to your must try list! Whether you’re looking to find a new classic lunch spot, or you’re in the market to purchase a healthy meal plan, Nulife will deliver in all your expectations!

The Food:

If the picture above isn’t enough to draw you in (seriously – how good does this zoodle dish look?!), we’re about to sell you..

The unique and perhaps best thing about Nulife Living Food Cafe is you can find classic dishes you know and love, with a healthy spin put on them. For example, pictured above is their “Organic Zucchini Noodle Pasta Bolognese.” However, instead of meat and traditional egg noodles, it’s made with zucchini noodles and mushrooms! Nulife prides themselves on using fresh, organic ingredients wherever possible. This really shows in the flavour of their awesome dishes.

Another example of this awesome creation style is their Coconut Taco Wrap. All the flavour of eating a delicious burrito, but chock full of fresh, healthy ingredients, making it a lighter option! From their heartier sandwiches, to their hot noodle dishes, to their innovative sushi, any entree you choose will leave you feeling full and happy.

Treat Yourself While Also Treating Your Body Right:

Who among us hasn’t needed an afternoon pick me up or a little treat to brighten up our day? Oftentimes, these sweets are filled with high amounts of butter and sugar, which are of course fine to indulge in from time to time! But what if you could find a yummy tasting sweet that didn’t disrupt your healthy lifestyle? At Nulife, you can! Their culinary teams works to make delicious baked goods and desserts sweetened with more natural and healthier options than white sugar and butter. They create indulgences you can eat guilt free! Raw cashew cheesecake?! Chia seed parfaits?! Delicious smoothies made with whole foods but taste like milkshakes?! Yes, please!

The Goal:

Nulife Living Food Cafe’s goal is to serve you food that you are confident is healthy for your body, but wonderful tasting for your soul. Whatever choice you make at Nulife, you can be sure it’s a good one in every way. Give them a try today, you won’t be disappointed! Bonus: check out Nulife’s Instagram page for a gallery of their wonderful treats.

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