Just in Time for Summer…The Best Ice Cream in Tri-Cities!

Just in Time for Summer…The Best Ice Cream in Tri-Cities!


In our opinion, eating ice cream is an acceptable activity during any season of the year. We could eat it in even the coldest weather! However, there is something special about indulging in the sweet treat when the weather warms up. It seems to be a universal symbol for summer! If eating ice cream is one of your favourite Summer activities, keep reading for our top picks to get it in the area! Think we missed any? Let us know in the comments!

Twisted Creamery

If the picture above doesn’t sell you (it has our mouths watering!), you’ll have to try Twisted Creamery‘s ice cream for yourself! This Port Moody business puts a unique spin on the classic frozen treat; they have both unique and classic flavours which they mix their “twist ins” with. After you make your choice, the friendly employees then freeze and roll the ice cream into a treat that’s unique each time! The possibilities are endless, and fans of Twisted Creamery can even submit their own flavour suggestions for a rotating weekly flavour!

This Port Moody food truck favourite is a must try in the warmer months! Check out their Instagram page for info on where to find them and a preview of the tasty treats!

Casa Dolce Gelato & Chocolate

If you want to imagine you’re on vacation in the Italian Riviera without leaving your neighbourhood, then how about some gelato?! Casa Dolce Gelato & Chocolate serves the best in the area, with unique flavours and incomparable taste. Blood orange? Coconut? Strawberry Sorbet?! Yes please! Gelato is the perfect treat to celebrate those warm near-summer evenings, and the rotating flavours at Case Dolce Gelato will keep your interested all Summer long! Check out the yummy offerings on this gem of an eatery’s Instagram page, here!

Rocky Point Ice Cream

We couldn’t write an article about ice cream without mentioning one of our favourites, Rocky Point Ice Cream! This wonderful Port Moody shop is run by ice cream artisans, Jamie & Yvette Cuthbert, and they have put many years and hard work into ensuring they create the best flavours and the best quality they can.

From their classic flavours, such as “cooking dough,” brown butter pecan,” and “mint flake;” in addition to their out of the norm creations such as “girl guide mint,” and “sweet georgia brown,” they serve the very best! Check out Rocky Point’s instagram page for a preview of the yummy treats served.

Matteo’s Gelato

Matteo’s Gelato is another hidden gem for gelato, located in Port Coquitlam! The yummy Italian shop first opened as a coffee shop in 2005, and transitioned to serving gelato over time. The owner of the Poco gelato shop is Matteo himself, a friendly face who’s always up for conversation. The gelato served will make your taste buds sing, and they even serve vegan options, so no one has to be left out. Check out their Instagram page by clicking here.

Anyone can enjoy a good cold treat from time to time, and each of these Tri-Cities favourites will serve up something that will put a smile on your face! From classic handmade ice cream, to delicious gelato, to a rolled frozen treat, there are plenty of options to keep your tummy happy! So grab a friend on the next sunny evening, we all scream for ice cream!

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